Alcatraz Ghosts

We're all fascinated with ghosts. These are some of the popular types of Halloween ghost stories that are spoken in the time of the Wiccan New Year, or "Halloween" as most westerners know it. The strange thing about pictures of paranormal phenomenon is that most people don't report any paranormal experiences at the time and only see the apparition later, upon developing the film.

The spirits were reflected to linger around cemeteries, haunted houses so humans avoided lodging near such places. It still resonates with horror to visitors, however, as they pour in to see what life and death was like for the poor unfortunates who were brought here.

The ceremonies of feeding the spirits of dead are still in practice in the Chinese culture and even the western world today exults the All Souls Day for the spirit of deceased. The belief in ghosts as the souls, or spirits of the person who has passed on is tied to the very old concept of animism, which teaches that everything in nature has a soul, including, animals, plants, human beings, rocks, trees, etc.

According to statistics, a large chunk of the ghost stories world's population believes in the paranormal without acknowledging it. Very few people would dare to profess a belief in ghosts in public. To avoid being cursed and killed herself, she felt she had to continuously keep building a mansion to house the spirits and keep them satisfied.

More than 60,000 unconfirmed deaths have been reported and the owners of the property, construction workers and maintenance staff, and paranormal investigators have claimed one can see unnatural lights and phantasms darting around the premises at night.

I'm a lover of horror books and recently have all but lost hope of finding a really good ghost story but after reading The Woman in Black, my hopes are pleasantly lifted once again to the possibility of other writers seeing how it's done and maybe churning out their own ghost stories.

There were times during the seasonal calendar when the veil between the human world and the spirit world was more porous and allowed for the passing through of spirits, including ghosts. During the fall, when Halloween ghost stories are being told from one person to another, it is essential that you know and understand the potential for occult recruitment - especially when it involves your children.